Fruits and vegetables

Check out these links for the latest in nutrition news and try the MUSC Farmers Market to get fresh fruits and vegetables. And CSAs and local food programs offer fresh from the field produce.

Weight Loss Programs

Blue Cross Blue Shield Weight Management Program - Subscribers of the state health plan can participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Weight Management Program. You will receive a FREE weight management guide and tool kit. Click here for more information

Outpatient Dietetic Consults

MUSC Dietetic Intern Program

Weight Management Center

Lunchtime Losers - Want to develop healthier weight management habits? Like to lose 5 or more pounds? Want the support of fellow employees with the same goals? Only have time during lunch? This 10-Week Worksite Weight Loss Program includes classes led by weight management professionals: dietitian, psychologist, & exercise physiologist.


Farmers Market:  Fresh fruits and vegetables are available from local farmers from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every Friday in the Horseshoe and in the grassy area next to Ashley River Tower behind Charleston Memorial Hospital.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):  

Kitchen Table Cuisine (with Thornhill Farms)
Maria Baldwin
Phone: (843) 887-3500

Our Local Foods is pleased to offer a members-only delivery service of locally sourced food items for healthy at-home meals to MUSC employees. Local farms, food purveyors, and producers provide a convenient way to enjoy fresh and healthy meals with the convenience of delivery to MUSC through the Kitchen Table Cuisine. The program offers vegetables, fruits, dairy products, grains, meats, pastas, cheeses, and even locally roasted coffee. Order from the convenience of your own home or office by Monday evening with their innovative online ordering system and pick up your order at MUSC's Wellness Center on Friday.  Optional weekly menus and shopping lists based on their fresh, seasonal ingredients are available and help take the stress out of meal-planning. Take advantage of this offer to start bringing healthy foods from your local producers into your own home!

Visit:  for more information and to sign up for a membership.

Gruber Family Farms
Stanley Gruber: 843-563-1159
Susan G. Kirlin: 843-693-7069

For more information or to sign up, visit

Offers a Community Supported Agriculture share. Members pay up front for a 12-week share of local fruits and vegetables. Drop offs are Wednesday in Harborview Tower. 

Gruber Farm is located just south of St. George, SC, and has been growing healthy, natural produce continuously since 1948. With our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, now you can benefit directly from our farm's experience and dedication. Join our CSA program today,and start bringing home delicious, healthy, locally-grown produce for your family. Shares are limited so don't wait.

Spring Season (late April to mid-July)
Fall Season (late August to late November)
Purchase your share with one up-front cost and receive a bounty of fresh produce for 12 weeks! Your weekly share of produce will be ready for pick up at our convenient drop-off located in Harborview Towers. Prices, information, and registration available at

Nutrition News & Events
Discover the latest nutrition news and events happening at MUSC.

Nutrition Weekly Tips
Start improving your wellbeing by implementing a nutrition tip one week at a time.

Hot Nutrition Topics

Take a peek at what's new in the world of nutrition.  Hot topics include the latest nutrition information.

New 2010 Dietary Guidelines

The newly released 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourages more whole grains,  vegetables, fruits, seafood, and low – fat or fat-free milk, yogurt and cheese or fortified soy beverages in the diet.

The 2010 Dietary Guidelines also recommend eating less sodium, added sugars, and refined grains.  Switching to vegetable oils such as canola, corn, olive, peanut and soybean instead of using saturated or trans fat is an easy change to make.

Dining Out Information
Knowing how to select restaurants and what foods to order when dining out can help keep you from overindulging.

Diet Information
Become an active learner with these sites that will provide the education tools you need to introduce healthier habits in your everyday life.

Food for Thought/Wellness and You
Find out how to maximize nutrition from your diet, how to dispel nutrition myths, along with other information to help promote a healthier you.

Measuring Tools
Discover measuring tools that will help you calculate anything from caloric intake to calorie expenditures

Other Nutrition Links
Check out these other nutritional educational resources.


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