Dietetic Internship Program

Program Fees and Intern Obligations

ANTICIPATED PROGRAM EXPENSES for the 2014-2015 year (based on 45 weeks)

    Application Fee (not including DICAS or D&D Digital fees):   $80 per concentration; $120 if applying to both

  *  Tuition Fee: SC Residents / Out of State:                                                              $6850 / $7850

  ^  Professional Activity Fee:                                                                                                      $700

  #  Approximate food, travel, housing & personal:                                                    $11,000-$15,000

    Mandatory A.N.D & local dietetic assoc student membership:                                        $70 (at most)

    Mandatory PPD/ immunizations for MUSC clearance:                                               ~$75 (at most)

    Required uniforms (scrubs, lab coat)                                                                           ~$150 (at most)

 ** Health Insurance                                                                                           covered by intern; varies


Financial Breakdown:

  • fees paid directly to the DI  (application fee, tuition, professional activity fee):    ~$7660 in-state / $8660 out-of-state
  • other out-of-pocket (depends on monthly living expense):          ~$10,325 to $15,325 + cost of health ins
  • TOTAL (depends on residency status and living expenses):  ~$18,000 to $24,000 +  cost of health insurance


*  Tuition paid by credit card or check. Optional payment plan of no-interest installments can be made: 40% due June, 30% first day Fall semester (Aug), 30% first day Spring semester (Jan).

^  Professional activity fee paid by cash, credit card or check due in June.  Fee covers the following:  criminal background check, urine drug screen, mandatory books/supplies (provided by DI), RD exam review resources, AND's online Nutrition Care Manual, research poster printing costs, registration/travel fees to the SC Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual spring meeting, October flu vaccination, and MUSC liability coverage. 

#  all rotations are located within 45 miles of the greater Charleston area and will not require additional lodging from primary Charleston residence. 

** Interns must carry their own health insurance.   A letter from the Director can be written on the intern's behalf to help him/her obtain insurance.


Interns ARE ABLE to defer existing student loans (with suporting documentation from the director).  However, interns CANNOT qualify for federal financial aid assistance because this program does grant academic credit or a "degree".  In years past, interns have been able to comfortably work 5-10 hours per week outside the internship for additional monetary support.  If you are planning to work, we recommended you only work weekends as you have will have obligations on some week nights (i.e. Health Charleston Challenge).  Working more than 15 hours per week is NOT recommended due to a nature of this demanding program that can average 55-70 hours/week.

The state and local Dietetic Chapter offers a $200-500 scholarship yearly granted to 1 intern based on letters of recommendation and performance merit during the internship.  Student/intern scholaraships are also offered at the national level at The Academy's Foundation.

Finally, this program has been accepted as a state-approving agency for Veteran education and training.


1.  Discounted rates to the Student Wellness Center 

3.  FREE parking (ride a bus into campus) 

4.  FREE access to electronic media, library services, and writing enrichment services through our Center for Academic Excellence 

5.  FREE access to our mental counseling services as needed

5.  Access to our "mentoring committee" comprised of a group of RD preceptors to offer professional and personal support to interns during this challenging life change. Mentors can serve as "sounding boards" to help you cope with personal problems, critique and spice up your resume in time for job exploration, and everything in between while you are an intern.

6. Once you graduate, you autimatically become eligible to join our "Mentored Alumni Program".  Our M.A.P. is designed to help "navigate  professional development" for all MUSC DI alumni.


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