Dietetic Internship Program

Application Directions

  • Refer to our selection process to learn about our application requirements and interview process. 
  • Applications received through DICAS (see Part 1 below) and supplemental application materials (see Part 2 below) are due Feb 15.  If invited back for an interview (notifications will be sent by/before March 1), interviews will be held March 21-March 24 (Skype and in-person options).
  • Within DICAS, applicants can choose which concentration he/she is applying. Applicants may apply to one or both concentrations in DICAS at no addition DICAS charge (additional application fee to MUSC is applicable)
  • Applicants must enter with spring D&D Digital match for consideration to our Fall program.  D&D will list two different concentrations in which you can apply to either or both programs:  #482 "Clinical MNT" and/or #703: "Community Nutrition Promotion".
  • If you apply to both concentrations:

- the MUSC application fee for one concentration is $80; for both is $120.  NO additional DICAS fee is applied if you apply to both concentrations.

- you may include both concentrations in your D&D rank list, as if two separate programs.

- your application will be reviewed for both concentrations independent and separate from each concentration (as if you are applying to two different DI programs). 

- please only apply to both concentrations if you feel they both meet your interests, past experiences (work/volunteer), and future professional goals.    

- please indicate your PREFERRED concentration (part of supplemental application in Part 2 below).  Your preference will be given higher priority.


  1. Standardized Application Form
  2. A Personal Statement describing qualities that would make you a strong good candidate for this program. Since the DI Director exclusively reviews all applications by March 1 to set up interviews in time, please keep personal statement at 500-600 words or less . You may answer the questions offered in the DICAS application or write your own statement.
  3. School transcripts sent to DICAS (who uploads into system)-- minimum requirement is 2.8 overall GPA / 3.1 DPD GPA for application to be  considered.
  4. Either a 'Verification Statement' for DPD completion -OR- a 'Declaration of Intent Form' (obtained from your DPD director)
  5. Include three (3) letters of recommendation (entered into system by letter writers) from reputable sources who know your academic history, work ethic, interpersonal skills, and/or other achievements.  For this program, at least one (1) letter must be written by an RD or RDN.
  6. DICAS requires you to upload a resume.  However, we rarely review  resumes due to the lack of detail and specificity it provides compared to the DICAS application.   


  1. $80 application fee if applying to one concentration;  $120 if applying to both. Mail cash or check made out to the "MUSC Dietetic Internship" to the physical address below postmarked by Feb 15.
  2. In the same envelope as the application fee, indicate which concentration you are applying in DICAS. If you applied to both concentrations, indicate your PREFERENCE. No special form--just a note is fine! 
  3. In the same envelope, include proof of REQUIRED GRE score from a photocopy of your official scoresheet sent to you by ETS OR a printed version of your scores off the ETS website (an official score sheet must be provided if matched). GRE scores MUST be received by Feb 15 postmarked date so take the test no later than January!  Exceptions MAY be given if the applicant makes arrangements with the DI Director in advance.  GRE scores must be AT or ABOVE the 10th% ranking for ALL THREE testing areas (verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing) found on your scoresheet. We will consider scores from more than one GRE test result (i.e. the highest %ile scores in each area if reflected from different testing sessions).  PLEASE DO NOT HAVE SCORES SENT DIRECTLY TO MUSC BY ETS

 Physical Address: 

Medical University of South Carolina
Attention: Kelley Martin, Dietetic Internship Program
Digestive Disease Center
25 Courtenay, ART 7100A
MSC 290
Charleston, SC 29425-2900
phone: (843) 876-4304; fax: (843) 876-4718


Good luck!!



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