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The MUSC Community Training Center’s instructor page is an information source for its AHA instructors.  This page provides instructor forms, updated information, and announcements from the MUSC CTC. 

Instructor Information Update
It is the instructor’s responsibility to notify the MUSC CTC by phone, fax, or email of any changes in address, phone numbers, or employer status.

Photo of woman using computerInstructor Criteria
New instructors need to be monitored within 90 days of their Instructor Course.  To renew as an instructor, you must teach 4 courses in a two year period (for each discipline taught), attend/participate in any updates scheduled by the Training Center, and be monitored within the two year period by Regional Faculty, the Training Center Coordinator, or designated Training Center Faculty. Also, please give the Training Center adequate notice of the class in which you would like to be monitored.  This allows MUSC CTC adequate time to arrange a TC Faculty member to monitor you.

Student to Instructor Ratio
Instructors are reminded that the student to instructor ratio is 6:1.  Rosters received with more than an 6:1 ratio will be returned without cards or credit.  Note: The exception to the 6:1 ratio is a mulit-day course in which the times must be given on the roster.

Late Rosters
The AHA guidelines allow 20 days after the course completion for the issuance of completion cards.  Therefore, the MUSC CTC will need rosters submitted no later than one week after course completion to maintain a quick card turnaround.

Manikin & Equipment Rental
Only MUSC Community Training Center instructors are permitted to rent equipment.  If you wish to rent equipment, please provide at least a two week notice.  The instructor must complete and sign a Rental Agreement Form.  For pricing information or rent availability, please contact the Training Center.

Items available for rent:
• Adult, Child, & Infant Manikins
• AED Trainer
• Bag/Valve/Mask set
• Videos
• Defibrillator & Simulator

Instructor Forms
Instructors for the CTC need to complete each of the forms below.  Please print each form (requires Adobe® Reader®), fill it out, and fax it to 843-876-8738.

Instructor/IT Records Transfer Request

Training Center Instructor Agreement

Evaluations Summary

Instructor Renewal Checklist

Roster page 1
Roster page 2

Assisting Instructor Roster page 3

Instructor Monitor Form

Course Evaluation

Instructor Candidate Application


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