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Aging Q3

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Aging Q3 Introduction


Aging Q3 is an educational and practice-based program to improve resident physician clinical competencies in Geriatrics and improve the quality of care and quality of life for older adults.  The three Qs signify:

  • Quality of Education
  • Quality of Care
  • Quality of Life

Aging Q3 is made possible by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

Dr. William P. Moran, General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Division (GIMG) Director, is the Principal Investigator. He oversees the development and evaluation of the project via a management structure which includes an Executive Committee, Advisory Board, and Working Groups comprised of GIMG faculty.

Executive Committee

  • William P Moran, MD, Principal Investigator
  • Patty J. Iverson, MA, Project Director
  • Kimberly S. Davis, MD
  • M. Kathleen Wiley, MD 
  • Patrick Mauldin, PhD
  • Roger Kyle, MD
  • Brian Collins, MHA
  • Justin Marsden, Project Assistant

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